Special Care Programs

Heavenly Paws Spay & Neutering Program

Each day, over 80,000 puppies and kittens are born in the United States. This has created an animal overpopulation crisis of huge proportions. Because there are not enough homes, 4 to 6 million helpless animals are euthanized each year.

Heavenly Paws is committed to doing our part to stop the pain and suffering that comes with overpopulation. If you have interest in supporting this program, please go to the Donations link to contribute to funding this mission.

We’re Orphans of Foreclosure (WOOF)

Thousands of animals have been left behind as families struggle to work through an economic crisis that has left many animals in need.

If you become aware of an animal that has been abandoned due to home foreclosure or if you must give up your own animal, please Contact Us.

We can help. We provide wellness care and forever home placement for Orphans of Foreclosure.

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