If you would like to help save a homeless pet, but just do not have the ability to adopt or even foster one in your home, please consider volunteering as a Transporter. Heavenly Paws needs individuals who are willing to drive to (1) a shelter, (2) a home, (3) a vet office, or (4) an adoption event.   Truly, there are few things more rewarding than being the gentle hand that takes a scared, homeless animal from a shelter and delivers him/her to a new life in a foster home and escaping euthanasia. All you need is reliable transportation and a willingness to jump in the car and donate an hour or two of your time.

3 Comments on “Transporters

  1. I would like to transport dogs. Please contact me for additional information.

  2. I would love to help volunteer with anything needed! Being a transporter and working events sounds very rewarding!

  3. I would do love to help on transports. I have been doing transports for Kindred Hearts coming out of Texas. Please send me more information.

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