Foster Parents Needed

It is important that all of our animals have loving homes while waiting for their forever homes.

5 Comments on “Foster Parents Needed

    • It really will depend upon the dog. Some dogs will require a fenced in yard, while others are perfectly fine being toileted and exercised on a leash. If you have an interest in fostering, please complete an application – we’d love to have you as part of our team and will find you the right dog for your home and circumstances. Promise!

    • Hi! All you need to do, initially, is complete a foster application right here on our website! We will do our best to get you approved and then line up a cat or dog to be your foster pet.

  1. I am really considering being a foster. We have a Maltese female currently that is ours. I am a SNAP volunteer in St.Clair County. We don’t have a gate but 3 sides are fenced in outside. We go outside with our dog when taking her out potty. We use a leash when walking. I will discuss this with my husband and keep you posted.

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